Ipswich School


Sat 26th Nov 2011


Ipswich School


1st pair: Elana Osen & Elli Hullis
2nd pair: Anastasia Noraev & Sarah Basemera


Overall, our match against Ipswich School ended in a 1-1 tie.

Cambridge 1 romped to a convincing win against the ever-improving Ipswich 1st pair, winning 2-1 (12-1, 6-12, 12-3) after Ipswich turned up the heat in the 2nd game having lost quickly in the 1st. Not to be outdone, Cambridge 1 closed them down with a sufficiently overwhelming win in the 3rd.

Cambridge 2 played gallantly, but they were overcome by the more experienced Ipswich side. After a 4-12 loss, a protracted game in which the score was not representative of the closeness of the game, Cambridge were unable to hold off the Ipswich pair and conceded the 2nd game 7-3.

All in all, the Cambridge ladies team had a great day, with some stonking fives played by both sides.

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