Meet The Captains

Men's Captain - Sudhir Balaji


4th Year Chemical Engineering





Started Fives

Year 7

When and why did you start playing fives?

The very first time I played fives was in Year 7, at my secondary school, St. Olave's. Before this, like most people, I'd never heard of the sport before! I think it was at the point that I realised that I could choose to play fives instead of rugby (around Year 9/Year 10) that I started getting into the sport - finding a sport that I actually enjoyed playing was an eye-opening moment!

How often do you play?

At the moment, I'm playing in about one fixture per week alongside two to three evening training sessions - I think by the end of this term, I might have played more fives than in the whole of last year! I do have a reason for this though - I've never played at first pair, not even at school, and I have big shoes (belonging to Tony Barker) to fill from last year!

What is your favourite moment in fives?

There's a bit of a running in-joke in the team that one of the guys "won" the entire game of fives last year - he played a shot during a training session which everyone had been claiming was physically impossible to pull off. No-one has managed to replicate the shot since, despite our best efforts - the moment stands undefeated!

How would you explain fives to someone who's never heard of it before?

I think the way that most people describe fives to people who've never heard of it is as "squash, but with your hands (with gloves on), on a funny shaped court". The weirdest part of fives for me is that the standard court layout is based on the original place at Eton where fives was first invented/played - it's a very unique design as a result, and keeps the game interesting and fast-paced!

Women's Captain - Annie Cave


3rd Year HSPS





Do you want to write a bio?

Probably don't have anything particularly exciting for my bio!!

President - Riki Houlden


4th Year Medicine





Started Fives

7 years ago

Why did you start playing Fives?

I had really enjoyed playing squash since the age of 11, but found that no-one else was really as keen a player at secondary school. A lot of my best friends played fives so told me to come and give it a go, and I thought I may as well since it was easily the closest alternative to squash there was - had no idea that it'd become such an obsession!

What did you like about fives?

It's basically a playground game, but one that's recognised as an actual official sport. I.e. it's the most fun game I've ever played, I can't remember the last time I was on court and didn't laugh out loud ^_^

How often do you play a week?

3 times per week on average

What would you say to someone considering playing fives?

Come to the SC to try it out! We have guys and girls who had never heard of the sport before uni who loved it so much that it's now their main sport :D

Favourite moment in fives

Captaining the Cambridge side to Varsity Match victory in March 2016, best moment of my life not just fives! (#fivesislife)

How would you explain fives in one sentence?

Squash with your hands... but then take away the back wall, add some brick pillars in the back corners, some ledges along the walls, a step in the middle and back, and finally a stonking block of concrete next to the left wall just to keep things interesting.

Greatest achievement in fives?

Explaining what the hell fives is to hundreds of people at the Freshers Fair

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